Backwordle is a word puzzle where you try to solve a Wordle backwards. You're given the 5-letter green target word and a grid of gray and yellow squares, and need to deduce the four guesses that resulted in the given pattern. The rules of Wordle apply:

  • the letter is in the target word, but in the wrong location
  • the letter is not in the target word
In addition, subsequent guesses will always include previous yellow letters and will never include previous gray letters. Note that all words are from a list of fairly common words, but there are countless words that may fit the pattern, but are not sufficiently common to have made the list.

You'll start each puzzle with all vowels revealed* and can solve the puzzle in any order. When you think a word is correct, click the check button on the right to verify. If the word is incorrect, all correct letters are identified and one incorrect letter will be revealed, which will reduce your score by one point. If you get stuck, click the plus button on the left to reveal one missing letter, also at a cost of one point.

*If you find the puzzle to be too easy or too challenging, hop on over to the Options page to adjust how many letters you start with.

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